What You Do Matters Campaign

There was a time when I believed that it was the movers and shakers that could make a difference. It was the people who could do something grand, BIG, important ~ those were the people who could make a difference that mattered, that was notable! And that wasn’t me! And then one day, a light went on and I realized, I can make a difference! I may not be able to do something grand, BIG, important by the worlds standards but I can react and behave in a way that creates a positive outcome for someone else ~ someone besides me, myself and I!

While we all have been building TurningWheels For Kids, I have learned something so valuable. The children we serve live within families that are challenged ~ financially and emotionally! There are stories! And a simple gift, a rite-of-passage, number one requested and dreamed about gift, a bike, was out of reach for these kids! Or is it?

One little boy, when given the opportunity to dream BIG, his eyes briefly glistened, a smile started and then, just as quickly that light faded, he shut down and he didn’t dare utter what he really wanted, a bike! It was entirely too risky! That moment broke my heart! He didn’t even dare to DREAM!

And then I started thinking ~ we all have an opportunity! We spend money without even thinking ~ $5 bucks for a latte, $2 bucks for our favorite candy bar, $3 bucks for a frozen yogurt or ice cream cone, out to lunch with our friends $15 bucks. And then I did the math! For $9 bucks a month, money I WILL NOT MISS, I can provide a bike and a helmet through TWFK for a local kid! That’s $.30 a day. Thirty CENTS! Can you do it? Can you step up and make a dream come true for a kid that is afraid to even dream? Just say yes! Because . . .


Today you have an opportunity to become a mover and shaker. Maybe not by the worlds standards but certainly in the eyes of a local little girl or little boy. Are you up for the challenge? Opt in for a $9 a month automatic deduction and you could be the person who makes a dream come true! I think those kids are worth it. Do you? Just hit the subscribe button and take the mover and shaker challenge. Light up a child’s world!

And beyond the amazing “feel good” you’ll have, you will also be given preferred early registration next year! So, ya see it’s true, a good deed never goes unrewarded!!



What You Do Matters Campaign

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