TriValley Chapter First Annual Big Bike Build

Something extraordinary happened today. TWFK’s first expansion group, Livermore TWFK, held their first Big Bike Build! It was fun, energizing, creative (some great improvements), and most of all, successful ~ 500 bikes out today to local Livermore area kids!

It took a lot of work and just as much faith that it could happen. And it did! What did Nancy and I (Sue) love most today? That a group of people came together and said, lets do something important. Let’s make a difference.

And they did!! WOW!!!

I was touched by this email that Patt sent out when she arrived home after a crazy, busy, tiring day!

Hello Everyone:

After unloading my car (and before a glass of wine); I stopped to say a prayer thanking the Lord for allowing me to be involved with such an unselfish, generous and energetic group of individuals. Your openheartedness will be reflected in the eyes and smiles of 498 children.

The 2nd part of my prayer was to ask that all of you and your families enjoy good health and a Christmas that reflects your big hearts.

Warmest regards,

What You Do Matters Campaign

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