49ers Enjoy Annual Holiday Bike Build

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49ers Bike Build Video

Everybody remembers their first bicycle – from the way it gleaned in the sun, the first fall when learning to ride and, finally, the triumphant feel of riding on your own. Receiving that first set of wheels is often your first taste of freedom.

“My first bike was blue with yellow wheels,” said 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. “That was the bike I started learning how to ride a bike on, and I just remember crashing a lot back in Turlock where I grew up.”

Kaepernick, along with a dozen other 49ers players took a ride down memory lane on Monday morning as they helped assemble 49 brand new bikes for underprivileged boys and girls and foster children in the Bay Area.

“We are building bikes at our annual Holiday Bike Build with UnitedHealthcare, TurningWheels for Kids, and PODS,” said Maggie Cuneo from 49ers Community Relations. “Tomorrow we’ll be revealing 49 bikes to the Bill Wilson Center’s foster care program and Quetzal House. All of these bikes are going to children who may not have ever owned a bike before and have never even ridden one. They lead itinerant lives and now they’re going to have something to call their own and take wherever they may go.” [read more]


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