Night Before the Big Bike Build

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Twas the Night before the Bike Build and throughout the South Hall
Not a single box was broken not even the smalls.
The children were lined up on their knees with a prayer,
in hopes this holiday season a bike would be there.
The Volunteers were nestled all comfy in bed
getting the rest that they needed for the big day ahead!

With Sue in her headband and the Board in a fluster,
we had readied the South Hall for a knock down door buster!
When all of sudden there arose such a clatter,
we peeked our heads out to see what was the matter!
We pressed on the door, we looked thru the crack,
Our eyes opened wide, we were taken aback!

Imagine our delight in what did appear,
Hundreds of tool boxes and a thousand volunteers.
With smiles so radiant and registration so quick,
they soon would become mini St. Nick’s.
With their hearts on their sleeves and their tools in their hands,
they wandered into the South Hall to make a child’s Christmas grand.

Magic it happens, every year because of you,
Without your work and donations, I don’t know what we’d do.
Can you do it again, can you find it in your heart,
Give a child that special gift, give them a start,
To believing that magic happens, it really can be,
It’s really that simple, it’s up to you and me!

This year has been beyond magical! Those of you who follow us on Facebook know we are making great strides toward getting a year ahead in funding. Though we are making headway, we aren’t there yet! Ten dollars buys a helmet, $3.50 a kickstand and $85 buys a bike! No donation is too small (or too large!) If a donation is possible please go here.

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