TurningWheels for Kids Selected as a 2013-2014 Grant Recipient

image001The generous support provided by the Sharks Foundation by funding our efforts with The Pediatric Healthy Lifestyle Clinics is a game changer for us.  This vital part of our program, providing a fun means of exercise to children either suffering from or at risk for childhood obesity, is an expensive part of our program.  The bikes needed must be high quality bikes that are strong enough to support an overweight child as they transition back to a healthy weight.  With this grant we are assured the needed funding for 2014 and we can actively and with assurance give the green light to the pediatric docs that are working with these children encouraging them to write that “script” for the much needed bike that ensures outdoor activity and health.  A child doesn’t see bike riding as the dreaded exercise they need but rather it is a call that beckons them outdoors to do what kids should do ~ PLAY!  Thank you, Sharks, for caring so much for the children in our community and helping to ensure equity for all children!  Bikes are, unarguably, a right-of-passage of childhood!  What a difference you are making!



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