DPR Hosts Bike Repair Clinic

Wow, what a day. 95 bikes repaired and about 10 used bikes given out to kids without. One little boy, after his bike was repaired, zooooooomed past me and he said to no one, “Wow, my bikes like BRAND NEW!”

Thanks to all who showed up today. As George, DPR barbequer extraordinaire noted, there is work to be done by those that want to show up! And hey all, what a crew showed up. Robert, one of the first young men that showed up to have his bike fixed came up, shook my hand and said, “I want to thank you for the difference you are making for each kid that shows up here today. It really matters” shoot! brought a tear to my eye. As the saying goes, “What you do matters”. Thanks team!


What You Do Matters Campaign

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